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Classes and Trips

Kayak, SUP and Canoe classes with River Basin Canoe & Kayak

All classes are small group and lead by an American Canoe Association certified instructor. You will get lots of water and practice time during the class as well as individual critique of your strokes.

Intro to SUP Stand Up Paddleboarding 

Pick your own date with a group of 4

This short intro class is a combination of instruction and practice to get you balanced and moving on your SUP board.

Getting to know your SUP board

- parts of your SUP
- cartopping your SUP
- SUP paddles, parts and features

Preparing for SUP:
- proper clothing
- preparing for wind & weather
- stretching

Let's go SUP:
- Getting on and off your SUP
- Basic strokes

Intro to Kayaking 101
Pick your own date with a group of 4 - 6

Class is combination of lecture and on-water instruction and practice.
You will learn proper stroke fundamentals and boat handling to increase
confidence and skilled control of the kayak.

Getting to know your kayak:
- parts of your kayak
- how to handle and carry your kayak
- cartopping your kayak
- kayaking paddles, parts and features

Preparing for kayaking:
- proper clothing
- preparing for wind & weather
- stretching

- forward & reverse
- forward sweep & reverse sweep
- draw
- scull

Rescue & safety:
- low brace
- tired paddler assist
- tows

Intermediate Kayak
Dates to be set by appointment after completion on the Intro class.
This class requires an understanding and experience with the basic strokes. We suggest you have taken a beginners class.

Review of Strokes

Safety & Rescue
- blade aid rescue
- wet exit

- high brace
- kayak over kayak rescue
- 3 kayak rescue
- re-entry

Navigating in a kayak
- how to read a map
- using a compass

Canoeing 101
Pick your own date with a group of 4 - 6

Getting to know your canoe:
- parts of your canoe
- how to handle and carry your canoe
- cartopping your canoe
- canoe paddles- types, parts and features

Preparing for canoeing:
- proper clothing
- preparing for wind & weather
- stretching

- forward & reverse
- full sweep & quarter sweep
- bow draw
- J scull
- dufac - cross stroke

Rescue & safety:
- balancing in your canoe
- canoe over canoe rescue

Class Information

SUP classes will be one hour, mostly on water and are $26.75 including tax. All gear is provided. SUP classes are on a quiet area lake. Class limit is 4. We can also provide private lessons for individuals or groups at your convenience.

Kayak and Canoe classes are a combination of lecture and on water practice. Beginner classes are approximately one hour on land and three hours on the water. Kayak and Canoe classes are $64.20 with tax and include canoe or kayak, paddle, PFD or you may use your own boat with prior arrangement.

Class locations may vary - participants will be notified of location for class when signing up for class.
Full payment is required upon registration to reserve your spot in the class. You will also be asked to provide your name, mailing address, e:mail address and phone number. There is an element of risk in all paddling activities, and while we provide a controlled teaching environment on safe bodies of water, all students will be required to sign a liability waiver, and youth must have a waiver signed by parent or guardian.
Please dress accordingly and bring sunscreen, drinking water and a change of clothes.

Transfers and Cancellations

River Basin reserves the right to cancel due to storms, lack of participants, or any other reason we feel affects the safety and learning environment. Classes will not be cancelled due to light rainfall, or occassional passing weather. Instructor makes weather determination at the onset of the class. Cancellations by River Basin are transferrable to later classes or fully refundable, or a makeup class may be offered. Student must request cancellation before the 10th day prior to class for full refund, or 50% refund between the 10th to 5th day before class. Please notify by phone message during daytime hours, or email . If you miss the class or are substantially late, you may forfeit the class.


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