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Old Town won ICAST best new kayak for their Predator XL PDL pedal drive, a Minnkota design. We have that and the MK Minnkota electric trolling version of the Predator XL. They are a winner if you like this hands free kayak for serious fishing time. The Minnkota engineering really shines. This kayak has serious capacity, with a higher seat than most, and all around good layout makes this a well thought out choice. If you are heavy, have knee limitations to sit low, this kayak needs checked out. Predator is a sit on top. Flip it, no big deal. Just roll it up, and get back on. We can teach you how in our instructional courses. Old Town Loon was re-designed and brought back to the line up. Everyone that comes to shop desires this boat - its well executed and comfortable. Now they are bringing Castine back - a 14' day touring class model with good stability. Even their cheapest alt- box model is hands down a winnner against Pelican or Sun Dolphin. It has a bulkhead and tight sealed hatch, and will actually support your weight in a 10' class size, without you feeling dangerously over loaded.

Jackson is rolling out their pedal drive this fall. I have paddled the final version, and new units have begun shipping. We will stock both Coosa FD (HD version), and Cruise FD, a completely fresh mold unlike the present kayak called Cruise 12. Also new is Liska, a wide stance kayak like Cuda, only more width. The deck is clean and open. We pickup boats in early Spring, so do request your color choices early enough for us to get your needs met.

Jackson Kayak introduces Tupelo 120 in Thermoformed ABS for 2017, and a lady or smaller guy can carry this boat on a shoulder very easily. Jackson has 3 new kayaks in release, led by a new Cuda 12 HD model with transponder well, following the new for 2015 Coosa HD new model trend. Drew Gregory added length and features to these next generation kayaks, transducer wells, ability to add power poles, and high resolution fish finders, and deck top enhancements. Coosa HD has been a very popular choice, and we are customizing these kayaks with Raymarine fish finders and Power Poles. Jim Sammons of "Game On Fishing" video notoriety, created the Kracken, a big water serious traveling kayak, and we stock the smaller inland oriented version which has great water speed, and stability. It is designed to punch out through swells and go 6 miles in 1 direction. Under the seat is a water pump cavity you allowing you to upgrade the included Krate into a live well. This kayak has 7 rod stagers, plus 1 baitcaster rod holder.

Big Rig is perfect for those 275 lbs and up, needing a high stability big boys kayak. Very comfortable and the stand up brace bar adds confidence. A version with a power pole and Ray Marine is available on special order. Kilroy Realtree is now out in a duck hunters flat boat design, and we have it. Kilroy is the highest stability kayak, but sized to lower weight class than the Big Rig. I find it very easy to work from, and its a shop favorite. If we don't have it, we can get it in a very few short weeks. Cuda is now available in a ABS plastic hull, glossy beauty on top, light weight materials that can take some moderate scrapes without marring. It gets carry weight into the 50s.

Cuda 12 LT and Kilroy LT are stocked in 58# versions made of thermoformed ABS. These look great, and stretch the hull length about 6" compared to their Polyethylene versions. ABS adds rigidity, and weight manageability, plus sharp eye appealing appearance. These can easily be lifted on top of a high vehicle, plus we stock Thule Hullavator which brings the kayak down to chest height for easy load and strapping.

Jackson has the best double fishing kayaks going, and the Big Tuna can make a great single kayak, or couples double. The Kilroy DT stretches the already great Kilroy (single) into a double, and offers unmatched stability for a double. You can change hardware locations and make this a highest in stability single as well, if you are a large guy and struggle to find the comfortable boat with control.

We stock 3 whitewater canoes models and 5 whitewater kayaks. I spent a week in a Jackson Zen this past summer in Ontario white water, which is a perfect starting out model for our Iowa customers. We offer the Karma Rock Garden with skeg, hatch, and crossover design suited for Missouri multi-day treks, or dedicated Western big river trips. Traverse 10' or Dagger Axis 12' are skegged hybrid kayaks suited for our rivers during fast water periods, or your visits to Missouri white water.


In Canoe news, 2014 ended Royalex as a canoe category. But now Esquif has succeeded in a replacement, and are building their product line again. We are taking orders.

The rugged ABS layup was extensively used by the better canoe brands for a rugged long wearing canoe that weighted a good 30% less than entry priced Polyethylene canoes. Corporate box stores ignored Royalex, and as sales shifted to these polyethylene pushers, the canoe industry waned. Originally owned by Uniroyal, the next owner ceased its production due to shrinking volume and high cost. A builder of canoes that we sell from Canada called Esquif, then attempted to create their own proprietary version of Royalex (to the entire industry). This chapter of the story took a huge effort, and years with threats of bank forced bankruptcy looming in the news. Esquif was almost 100% Royalex canoes, and had driven new model development for years with some very neat designs. Jacques Chasse managed a reprieve, and doggedly worked through the uphill challenges, and now has a durable replacement to Royalex in production. We are accepting orders on the Esquif line, with a small window of time to get a shipment in for early Spring.

You can also select Fiberglass, Kevlar, Kflex hybrid, and Polyethylene rotomolded canoes (coming in at 90 lbs on average). Kevlar can be built tough, with the right receipe, so if you can afford it, you can have light weight and rugged. I have seen Mad River heavy layup 100% kevlar hulls from the original Vermont maker, that held together in bridge abutment wraps in high water conditions. I haven't seen another canoe construction that would take that punishment.

What is Royalex? It is a ABS laminated sheeting material, with vinyl on exterior and interior faces, plus about 7 layers of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene sheets to make the density. These sheets get heat fused into one strong mass, then oven warmed to 600 deg. F, in order to get cooked into the molded shape. When this stuff was invented, the trucking industry found it too tough for their nose sections, literally springing back from a crushing load. At around 3/8" thickness, it has been the ballistic material of synthetic choices. It will bangs against rocks, only showing minor impact marks, and scrapes, and slides over aggregate river bottoms. It has been the best material for white water canoes and expedition shallow water tripping canoes for decades. It is about 10 - 20 lbs heavier than kevlar, and not as easily dented or buckled in half as the similar tough aluminum canoe. We continue stocking Grumman aluminum, which are about 5 pounds heavier than comparable Royalex canoes. Polyethylene canoes are on average 30% heavier than Royalex models, which means they too heavy to portage very far. They will continue to be available from Mad River in our lineup.


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