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New Jackson Kayaks arrive in the next few weeks. If you have a request, we have time to get it built for you on this shipment. We have their large boys boat in stock, and its great. Stop in to see the new Big Rig - Jackson Kayak Fishing Kayaks. Made in the USA and featuring lots of cool fishing features, you'll want to try one today and we have demo boats for just that purpose.

Wilderness Systems, Dagger, Perception, and Perception Sport kayaks and Mad River Canoes are all in stock. We have a good selection of fishing and high stability models.

Looking for a super light but very durable kayak? We have new Delta Kayak boats in stock for touring and recreation - all under 45 pounds in the rugged thermoform material.

Royalex ABS sheeting material has ended, production of these canoe types is done, forever it seems. We have a small selection of Mad Rivers arriving. Some canoes may still be available at factories we represent including Esquif, Mad River, and Wenonah. Get your order requests in now, to see if we can get production or in stock models that are end of run. If you don't know about Royalex, it is the ABS laminated sheeting material, with vinyl on exterior, and various depths of sheets to make the density. At around 3/8" thickness, it has been the ballistic material of synthetic choices. Bangs against rocks, only shows impact marks, and scrapes, and slides over aggregate river bottoms. It has been the best material for white water canoes and expedition shallow water tripping canoes for decades. It is about 10 - 20 lbs heavier than kevlar, and not as easily dented or buckled in half as the similar tough aluminum canoe. We continue stocking Grumman aluminum, which are about 5 pounds heavier than comparable Royalex canoes. Polyethylene canoes are on average 30% heavier than Royalex models, which means they are a bear to portage. They will continue to be available from Mad River in our lineup.

River Basin Canoe & Kayak is the largest specialty paddling store in Iowa and a wide surrounding area. We stock canoes & kayaks from Emotion, Esquif Canoes, Delta Kayaks, Grumman, Jackson Kayak, Ocean Kayak, Osagian Canoes, Mad River Canoe, Dagger, Perception, Wilderness Systems, Prijon, Valley, Current Designs, and Wenonah.
We also stock a wide variety of accessories and auto racks to provide everything you need to get on the water! To get you on the water we have big on water demo days, smaller personal demos and paddling classes. Check below for more information.

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Canoe Iowa, Kayak Iowa. Get on the water and have fun. Southeast Iowa is uniquely situated for a short driving distance to many great paddling destinations. The Iowa River, the Skunk River and the Mississippi River are all short trips from Burlington area. We're also close to Geode State Park and the new Big Hollow Recreation area, each park offers camping, hiking trails and many outdoor possibilities for the whole family.

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